Directly below your feet is an ingenious method of flooring that has been used for centuries--and is still employed today.
It is flexible, it can be changed out, it is inexpensive. This method of laying a sturdy subfloor on top of joists and then topping the subfloor with a cosmetic-only flooring top creates a tighter, stronger structure. Layering makes it easier to change the visible floor if you tire of the look or if it has become damaged. Relying on the joists to shoulder the brunt of the load means that this floor top can be practically anything you like, as long as it performs a few basic duties like resisting foot traffic. But one thing that this top--called the floor covering--does not have to do is provide structural support. Let's Bosox Builders Inc. delve into the multiple flooring layers, define them, and give you installation options.

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License # CRC1329976

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